About Us

LawsSolution.com web based solutions for all individuals.

We are basically legal-Service provider, our basis purpose to give;

  • Law based a source full site for our viewers / clients.
  • Our mission to deliver a good service for our clients valuable.
  • Our Panel of legal infirmity – counsel’s who always deliver his best ability in different nature of cases on regular basis appears in different court of law.
  • Our legal panel have expertise in different fields of law-side e.g. Civil law (Civil procedure code1908) court procedure of Criminal Law (Criminal procedure code 1898, Pakistan Penal code)

Family law, matter service law matters, constitutional law matter.

(Writ matter, Property matter, consumer law, Drugs law courts land law, our Expertise are also in land-service matter in different Tehsil before Tehsildar (Relating record of right Registry , etc our panel Expert is Shuffa matter.

Our services are as under;

a        Provide legal counsel for law case

b        Free legal service for needy people, who are unable to afford lawyer fee.

c        Legal updates (according to law books, e.g. (SCMR, PCRCJ, PCJ, PLD, YLR)

d        Composing, Drafting, translation, (English, Urdu, language Scanning, Printing on reasonable price we deliver quality of work to our customer.

e        Legal File maintain for different courts of law e.g. Supreme court and different court of law like according to their procedure we follow and made like society registration, employs, company registration e.g. civil courts, criminal courts Session courts different Tribunals, service tribunal and  National Industries.